Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Cross Mock Disaster Drill

We actually did this back in May, but I just discovered the photos on the (greater Indy) Red Cross FBCI blog (  It was fun because we participated as a family.  I am on the TPCC shelter team and Jim and the girls were "residents".  Hannah and Kaylie even got to stage a fight.  Hannah did a great job being a surly pre-teen.  Let's chalk this up to her mother's excellent dramatic ability - as opposed to Hannah's own experiences. 

Check out all the photos here:

What is the Red Cross FBCI?  It is their Faith Based Initiative arm - the Red Cross partnering with churches and faith-based organizations to provide disaster care to people in their community.  TPCC is now ready to answer the call should a disaster hit our area -  we would operate an actual Red Cross emergency shelter if called upon.  Which is awesome because the church should be involved and active in its community and we get to partner our strengths with the Red Cross' resources.  (Try the blog - that probably explains things more)

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