Thursday, September 10, 2009

Same Kind of Different as Me

Okay, I don't have the official word on this one, but I wanted to make sure you know about this book I just read:  Same Kind of Different As Me.  It is an amazing book.  The story of a black man, a white man and his wife, and how the three came together from very different places in life and time, inevitably making a huge difference in the lives of so many others.

If you have read The Help (which I also recommend), the two books have many similarities, notably first person accounts of the treatment of blacks in the south in the mid to latter part of last century.  One major difference is that The Help is a work of fiction, where Same Kind of Different is a true story.  The story flows so smoothly that it is amazing to think it is not the work of someone's imagination, but real life events that happened to real people. 

This book was so eye-opening.  I have lived such a sheltered life that, while I know horrible treatment occurred (and still does) in our country, reading about it in the first person stirs feelings and emotions I can't even describe.  But, this book was also reaffirming and heartening: at the heart of the story is the fact that God uses anyone, anywhere.  He uses the unlikeliest of folks to accomplish many of His greatest works.  We are reminded that He uses ALL things for the good, that He is always with us, is always faithful.  If we are open to His call, marvelous, amazing things can (and will!) happen. 

Everyone can learn something from this book, so check it out.  Get the book ( or visit their website: .  You will dig it.

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