Sunday, September 13, 2009

Macinainiack Bridge Walk

(explanation: Kaylie insists "Mackinac" is pronounced "Mack-i-nae-nee-ack")

For over 50 years, the good people of Michigan have closed the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day morning, and a bunch of folks take a little stroll across its 5 mile expanse.  Me, I have only been participating for two. 

Last year we got up before 5am to be over on the northside of the bridge for the 7am start.  This year my mother decreed that we could sleep in and not worry about starting at 7am, as (unlike some walks) you just have to start anytime before 11am and this way we'd still enjoy the walk AND a little more sleep.  Normally my mom is very wise.  This was not one of her best choices....

7:00am - in line to catch the bus that will take us over the bridge.  Hannah is doing her cow impersonation.

7:46 and 12 seconds - still in line

7:46 and 18 seconds.  Did I mention we are still in line waiting for a bus? 

7:49am - Hurrah!  Our bus!  (It has a spoiler???)

8:23am - still on the bus.  Note the scenery behind Hannah - we are still on land.  Let me explain we catch the bus a mile from the interstate, and from that exit to the bridge is another mile.  So at this rate we are going what, 2 mph?

9:06am - We have finally made it across the bridge.  This is my stepdad and Hannah waiting for my mom to get out of the portapotty line.  Hope they are comfy.

9:53a - WOOOOO HOOO!!!  We are FINALLY walking the bridge.  We have officially decided that getting there at 5:30am is worth the trouble of getting up that early, just to avoid the 3hour hassle.  :)  (I should mention some poorly timed vehicle accidents led to extra long delays that day)

Trying to get a photo of me and Hannah walking over the grates.  Our feet were too fast for me.  (That is Lake Huron below)

Do you see this?  There are two people halfway up the tower!

Even freakier, this guy all the way at the top.  I looked it up:  the height of the main towers over the water is 552 feet.  (wow)

11:12am:  FINISH LINE!!! 

Now we can go to the Big Chicken!!!  (Another post for another day....)

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Jenibug7 said...

i loved this post!! and the fact that Mackinainiack rhymes with Maniac. :)