Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cabbage and the Cat (by Kaylie)

Here is a story Kaylie wrote in computer lab last week.  Not sure what the assignment was or how focused she was when she wrote it.  Thought you might find it interesting, though.  (If you know Kaylie, you can hear her telling you this story as you read it.) 

There was a cabbage and a cat in Arizona, on the rough desert sands.  The cabbage was rough too, in texture.  The chair they played on was sometimes pulled by the wind.  One day, the cat, whose name was Ashley, had a flag.  It was not a cute flag, but a crude one.  The rough cabbage didn't do anything, because, well, cabbages are not alive.  Ashley told the cabbage that the flag was from King Arthur's court!  Again the cabbage did not do anything,  Ashley and the cabbage, okay, the cabbage is called Rico, Ashley and Rico went off for King Arthur's court.  When they got there the cabbage finally did something!  He gave King Arthur the flag.  Then he started doing nothing again and they went home.  The End.

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