Monday, January 3, 2011

Training Tales.....

Happy Monday!!!

I am going to try to regularly post about my Mini-Marathon run/walk training. (I officially started on 1/1, using a run/walk training schedule someone gave me years ago when I was training to walk the mini - this time the goal is to run at least half the time and significantly beat my walking time from 8 years ago)  Hopefully this will help me blog regularly, train regularly, and give y'all license to keep me accountable if I suddenly seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Even if nobody reads it, this is something I want to do for me.  Not usually one to share my ups and downs like this, so hopefully this doesn't blow up in my face.

So...............all that to say, here's the latest:

Sunday: lesson reinforced: don't let yourself get hungry! Came home from church yesterday afternoon and I was STARVING. Thus I proceeded to eat everything in the kitchen that was readily available, not nailed down, and edible. Basically a bunch of cookies, candy, and cheese, with some carrot sticks thrown in for good measure. Once I get that hungry, the floodgates open and all hope of sticking to plan is dashed. Especially since yesterday I had a really bad migraine, so all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and have someone chop off my head. So, aside from church, I ate, drugged up, and slept. Good thing it was a planned rest day. Need to start planning ahead better in these situations so it doesn't get that far.

Monday: you would think today is close enough to yesterday that I would not have already forgotten the "don't get hungry" lesson, but.....not so much. I got up, ate a light breakfast, got distracted for about 2 hours, then finally got around to heading out the door for today's run. By that time I was hungry again, but I was too stubborn to stop and eat before I ran - and also too afraid that if I waited much longer I would keep finding reasons to delay my run and would never get it in. So I headed out the door and about 37 seconds into it, I was SO TIRED. No energy at all. I finished the planned run, but I was much tired-er than Saturday. Although, I had an almost greater sense of pride because I did not give up even though sometimes I felt I was going so slow I was almost running backwards. Also was very pleased to find that I was still running pretty strong at the end. Need to listen to body better and give it the fuel it needs to function better.

Tomorrow: cross-training, Zumba style!

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