Friday, January 21, 2011

Watch Your Words

This is what I posted on my SparkPeople blog today after having one conversation almost ruin the perfect day I'd been having.

Just want to remind everyone of the profound effect our words can have.

I have a big mouth (it has to be for my foot to fit in it so much), so I totally include myself in this. Our words have the power to do so much. They can encourage, comfort, enrich, inform, embrace, uplift, entertain. Or they can discourage, deter, tear down, crush, defeat.

What have your words done today? What have you done to counteract the negative words of those around you? What have you done to encourage yourself and those around you to use words in a positive way?

(I am making a choice not to let some discouraging words get me down today. Going out for a run to regroup and refresh and perk up a bit. Who would have thunk I'd be running to improve my mood instead of noshing on milkshakes??)


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