Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

The health care system may be a mess—

but you don’t have to be

Your health and wellness belong to you—and you alone. While it’s true that doctors and the health care system play a role in your care, they’re only one part of true wellness. If you’re ready to venture into real health, read this book.

Dr. Scott Morris, founder of the church Health Center in Memphis, TN—the largest faith-based clinic of its kind in the United States—shows how your physical health is being affected by your spiritual well being.

In Health Care You Can Live With, Dr. Morris explains how
• health care went wrong
• the church offers real answers
• you can take charge of your own wellness

Showing that healing—both physical and spiritual—is a key aspect of the Christian faith, Health Care You Can Live With provides an understandable framework for wellness and the encouraging real-life stories of those who found a better life within the overarching love of God.

With twenty years as a family practice physician serving a diverse population in Memphis, the nation’s poorest major city, Morris is uniquely experienced in the challenges of our health care system today and Health Care You Can Live With offers a surprising behind-the-scenes visit into the troubles we are currently facing around the issues of health care and health care reform. With a thoughtful yet candid approach, Morris invites the reader to question what we really know about health care. Who does our health care system serve, and what does it do or not do for others? Do we even know what medical research is really accomplishing? With clarity, Morris informs the reader, drawing from history, current research, and personal stories taken from the thousands of patients he has cared for, and equips the reader with both practical and valuable knowledge.

by Dr. G. Scott Morris

Barbour Publishing/January 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61626-247-1

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